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    designing, setting up and tending gardens and green belts

    • Design.
    • Execution.
    • Subscribable, seasonal, yearly tending.

    agro technical works

    • Preparation of soil for sowing of lawns.
    • Terrain levelling.

    tending treatment of trees, shrubs and hedges

    • Planting, transplanting, cutting down.
    • Shaping, raising, reduction, thinning, cleaning pruning.
    • Shaping pruning of shrubsy.
    • Grubbing and milling of trunks.

    Tending treatment of trees, shrubs and hedges

    • Shaping deciduous and coniferous hedges.
    • Recreation of old hedges.

    regeneration of lawns

    • Verticulation.
    • Aeration.
    • Fertilization.
    • Laying turf lawns.

    Cutting down trees by traditional and climbing methods

    • In parks, private gardens and allotment gardens.
    • Along traffic routes.
    • In telecommunications and energetics.
    • Any other terrain.

    mowing of green belts and wastelands

    • Mowing of lawns, plots, meadows.
    • Mowing of short and tall grass, removal of bushes.
    • Mowing of wastelands and backlands.

    cleaning works

    • Washing of paving stone, sidewalks, driveways, terraces, balconies, roofs, elevations.
    • Winter maintenance of roads, sidewalks and car parks including carting away of snow.
    • Chipping of branches.

    Site preparation for construction

    • Cutting down and grubbing of trees, removal of bushes.
    • Mowing of short and tall grass.
    • Terrain levelling and other eartworks.

    About the company

    We are ready to take up every challenge in terms of designing and shaping landscape.

    Due to our interests, passion for vegetation and horticultural hobby, and also due to the team of qualified employees, we professionally and with proper neatness set up and tend gardens together with other surrounding green belts, in accordance with the garden design principles. Cooperation with prestigious producers of garden and houseplants, tree and shrub seedlings, makes it possible for us to realize even the most imaginary design.


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